Founding History of White's Construciton Limited

Cletus White, born April 12, 1929 in Stephenville, founded White’s Construction Limited incorporating in 1969.  Working for the rail road from 1948-1954 and then as a drywall installer for Montreal Drywall on the Ernest Harmon Air Force Base in Stephenville from 1955-1960, Cletus went on to start his own business in 1960 operating as a sole proprietor under the name ‘C White Building Contractor’.

With humble beginnings and a strongest of work ethics, Cletus grew his company from the ground up.  Starting with the construction of 4 residential dwellings in Stephenville Crossing this reassured Cletus that this was something he wanted to pursue and make a career out of.  He went on to build a Department Store in Port aux Basques, Painted Green Guardrails in the Terra Nova National Park, and the Town Office Building in Stephenville Crossing.

Incorporating his company as White’s Construction Limited in 1969 saw further growth and bigger projects for Cletus such as Post Offices, Schools and Gymnasiums. He became bonded, and was a recognized Authorized Building Agent for Robertson Building Systems.

Today he is still know for the series of Catholic Churches he built on the provinces west coast which are still operated today.  Such Churches include Sainte Ann’s Church in Codroy Valley, Our Lady Star of the Sea in Benoit’s Cove and Our Lady of Lourdes in Lourdes.

Teaming with his son Daniel in 1978, who recently graduated from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Engineering, his company went on to see such projects as RCMP Buildings, RCMP Married Quarters Buildings, Libraries, Schools, and Bait Depots, to name a few.

In 1979 the two started a Retail Building Supply Division which saw an Add-On Pre-Engineered Roof Truss Manufacturing Plant in 1985.  With his passing on June 13, 1994 the company was involved in a 2 year project at Western Brook Pond in Gros Morne National Park which saw an extension to the parking lot, upgrades to the walking trails, and 2 large haul out hangers at the end of the pond, a new wharf, and a couple of visitor chalets.  Cletus was not around in the 2nd year of construction.

Today his company continues to operate under his son Daniel and his grandson Richard becoming heavily involved. With projects such as Foundations on Health Care to an Ice Arena in Labrador, the company has come leaps and bounds from the day he arrived on one of his early day construction sites, away from home, with a paint brush ready to work!

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